Job Opportunities


The School of Space Science and Physics welcomes talents from both at home and abroad to joint us and make mutual progress.

The School is located in Weihai, a coastal city which is considered as one of the world’s most livable cities. Surrounded by mountain and sea, Weihai enjoys a superior geographic location. School of Space Science and Physics is under the key construction plan of Shandong University, with severaldisciplinesand research teams selected into theUniversity’s “Discipline Summit Program”andtier I of “Climbing” Program Innovation Team. The School has put emphasis on scientific research and has undertaken a number of research projects, such as the Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Key Program of Research and Development, Pioneering Program of Chinese Academy of Science, among others.The School has made remarkable research achievements in the areas like space science, astronomy and astrophysics, nuclear physics, etc.

This Job Announcement is valid on a long-term basis. For details like positions, requirements and remuneration packages, please contact: Ms. Xia, +86-631-5688751,