School Overview


School of Space Science and Physics is one of schools under the key construction plan of Shandong University. We have a powerful faculty team, comprised by a number of honorary title holders of national or provincial level talent support programs. We have strong academic disciplines, one of which listed in the first group of key featured disciplines of“Discipline Summit Program”. We also have superb research teams, one of which selected into tier I of Shandong University“Climbing”Program Innovation Team.

We encourage basic research to produce innovative outcomes, promote applied research to meet the major scientific demands of the nation, and advocate disciplinary crossing and integration. By doing so, we have made research achievements of significant influence both at home and abroad. Following Shandong University’s mission of“Reserve talents for the world, and seek prosperity for the nation”, the School has been committed to the cultivation of high-quality talents, with many having won awards in many important international competitions. The School has become one of the important bases for training high-level talents in space science and physics in China.

Dear friends, have you ever looked at the stars and dreamed about your future? Are you also eager to explore the universal truth behind all the complexity? School of Space Science and Physics is the right place for you to realize your dream. Welcome to join us and together we“Look up at the stars, find the way things are.”