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Zhenghua Huang
2020-10-13 16:20:03     (Click:)

Dr. Zhenghua Huang

Position: Professor

Research area:Solar Physics



2009/10~2013/07 Queen's University Belfast/Armagh Observatory, PhD

2006/09~2009/06 University of Science and Technology, MSc.

2002/09~2006/07 University of Science and Technology, BSc.


2021/09-today Shandong University, Professor

2016/01~2021/08 Shandong University, Associated researcher

2013/09~2015/12 Shandong University, Postdoc


NSFC- Dynamics of jets in network regions in coronal holes (590k CNY),2022--

NSFC-Magnetic loops in the solar mid-atmosphere(550k CNY),2019/01/01--2021/12/31

NSFC-Magnetic cancellations in the phtosphere and their impacts on the higher solar atmosphere(250k CNY),2015--2017

Chinese postdoc-special funds(150k CNY),2015--2017

Shandong University-young researcher program(500k CNY),2016--2021

Shandong provincial natural science fundation (120k CNY),2014--2017

Shandong provincial (100k CNY),2014--2016

Chinese education ministry(30k CNY),2015--

Publications: see ADS link

Latest update: 2022/02/10