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Prof. Bo Li, in Collaboration with an International Team, Published a Review Article on Fast Magnetohydrodynamic Sausage Waves in the Solar Corona
2021-01-07 13:05:07     (Click:)

Recently, in collaboration with scientists from Northumbria University, Tafresh University, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Bo Li published a review article entitled “Magnetohydrodynamic Fast Sausage Waves in the Solar Corona” in Space Science Reviews, as part of the topical collection “Oscillatory Processes in Solar and Stellar Coronae”. This research was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC), the budgetary funding of Basic Research program of Russia, the STFC of the UK, the European Research Council, and by KU Leuven.

The past two decades have witnessed great strides in coronal seismology in general, and in the studies on coronal fast magnetohydrodynamic sausage modes (FSMs) in particular. However, there remains an apparent lack of a systematic review on coronal FSMs. The article led by Bo Li was intended to mitigate this situation.

Bo Li’s team, part of the Institute of Space Sciences (ISS) of Shandong University, has dedicated substantial efforts to the studies on coronal FSMs since 2013, largely under the auspices of the NNSFC and also Shandong University. The efforts of his team has resulted in some better physical understanding of the dispersive properties of FSMs, thereby helping establish a number of schemes for seismologically exploiting FSMs to infer such key parameters as the magnetic field strength in flare loops. This team has also worked on synthesizing the observational signatures of coronal FSMs, emphasizing the importance of proper forward modeling to bridge the gap between MHD theories and observations. Overall this team has published over 20 papers in such leading journals asAstrophysical Journal,Astronomy & Astrophysics, andSolar Physics. These papers were well received by the community, as evidenced by the multiple citations from articles published by leading experts in the field. These papers were referenced for multiple times by a very recent textbook on coronal seismology, written by one founding father of the field and published by the Cambridge University Press. Given these studies, Bo Li has been involved in a number of international teams selected, on a competitive basis, by International Space Science Institute-Beijing (IBBI-BJ). He was also a co-convener of a recent ISSI-sponsored international workshop. In addition, Bo Li has also served as a guest editor for a number of topical collections in leading journals likeSpace Science ReviewsandSolar Physics.

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