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The digital and global lithologic map of the Moon at a 1:2,500,000 scale 2022-11-02 
A remote sensing study reveals the ages of three craters in the vicinity of Chang’E-5 landing si... 2021-11-08 
Shandong University and the University of Porto held online International Symposium on Satellite ... 2021-10-20 
An undergraduate student from School of Space Science and Physics published an article in the ast... 2021-08-26 
Prof. Zhang Qinghe’s Research Group Found the First Known Space Hurricane Poured Electron Rain 2021-02-28 

Teachers and Students of the School of Space Science and Physics Achieved a Great Success in Shan... 2021-01-07 
Prof. Bo Li, in Collaboration with an International Team, Published a Review Article on Fast Magn... 2021-01-07 
A project led by Institute of Space Sciences was approved under the National Key R&D Plan 2020-12-31 
Shandong University Made New Breakthrough in Talent Introduction and Cultivation 2020-12-16 
Professor Ling Zongcheng won the 18th Hou Defeng Young Scientist Award in Mineral, Petrology and ... 2020-11-11 

The School of Space Science and Physics Team Achieved a Great Success in the Physics Technology I... 2020-11-09 
Professor Xu Tianhe won the 19th Xia Jianbai Prize for Surveying and Mapping Entrepreneurship and... 2020-11-03 
Article by Yin Ruotong, an Undergraduate Student of the School of Space Science and Physics, Publ... 2020-10-26 
Dr. Nie Wenfeng of the Institute of Space Sciences of Shandong University Won the Excellent Docto... 2020-09-28 
SDU Undergraduate Wu Wentiao Published a Paper as the Front Cover in the Journal of “Phys. Chem.... 2020-09-25 
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